8 most secure web browsers

Your web browser is a gateway to the internet. With it, you can visit any website, search for any bit of information and more. 

If your browser isn’t secure, nefarious hackers can take advantage by accessing your machine, exploiting your privacy and stealing your personal and financial data. Sounds inconvenient, right? Also, threat actors are growing more and more sophisticated. 

If you’re browsing the web, it’s best to do so on a browser that prioritizes your privacy. A secure browser must defend against security and privacy threats, like phishing scams, malicious content and intrusive ad-tracking practices.

Keep in mind that some web browsers are more secure than others. 

For a web browser to be truly secure, it must come equipped with features meant to protect you. Your browser should also provide you access to advanced security and privacy features to ensure your data is protected. 

There are certain actions you can take to ensure your safety further while browsing the web. Consider using a VPN when browsing or employing an ad-blocking extension to protect your privacy by blocking cookies and other trackers.

If you’re ready to get the inside scoop on the most secure browsers of 2020, continue reading to learn which browser best suits your browsing needs.


When I became interested in protecting my privacy online, I was encouraged to check out Tor. Not only does Tor mask your identity by bouncing your encrypted internet traffic through multiple Tor nodes, but it also clears your cookies after every session.

Endorsed by Edward Snowden, Tor was also instrumental during the Arab Spring. Not only did it protect people’s identity online, but it also provided them with access to critical resources, social media platforms and websites their government blocked.

Tor Pros:

  • Security-centric features such as NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere and encrypted data make Tor a remarkably secure browser.
  • Tor is free to download and use. Users can also download the open-source project and peruse the code.
  • Tor can access the deep web. Unlike mainstream browsers, any site ending with .onion is visible when using Tor.

Tor Cons:

  • Tor bounces your connection off of several nodes, causing it to be much slower than other browsers.
  • Not all websites work on Tor. Tor blocks Javascript and tracking scripts, which will stop some websites from working. Though you can whitelist scripts, as needed, it could impact the browser’s security. 
  • Tor’s slower speeds aren’t ideal for streaming.


Brave is a pro at blocking data-grabbing ads and trackers. Using Brave Shields, this browser blocks most data-tracking ads, boasts automatic HTTPS protection and can load sites, like major news outlets, nearly six times faster than other browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox, on mobile or desktop. 

Brave has also integrated Tor into its private browsing feature, so you can mask your location and hide your internet history.

What I find most interesting about Brave is its Brave Rewards program. Unlike most browsers, Brave users can earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing privacy-respecting ads. Users can currently only use these tokens to support web creators, but Brave claims users will soon be able to spend their tokens on premium content, gift cards and more.

Brave Pros:

  • Brave uses HTTPS secure connections, doesn’t collect or sell user data and automatically blocks ad trackers. 
  • The combination of ad and ad-tracker blocking enables Brave to load sites nearly six times faster than other browsers.
  • Brave is built on Chromium, the same source code used for Chrome.

Brave Cons:

  • While browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera offer plenty of extensions, Brave lacks many extensions, add-ons and plug-ins. Though some Chrome extensions will work in Brave, that’s not true of all Chrome extensions available in the Chrome web store.
  • If you want to trade-in your BAT tokens for real money, you’ll need a KYC-compliant bank account. For many, this defeats the point of using a secure browser.
  • Brave users can browse privately using Tor. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available to mobile users of the browsers.

Epic Privacy Browser

According to Epic Privacy Browser, “Visiting the top 50 websites will install over 3,000 tracking files on your computer.” To combat this, Epic routes all web traffic through a proxy server that automatically blocks things like trackers and cookies. It also clears your browsing history at the end of each session. 

To further protect your privacy online, Epic also blocks certain types of real-time communications calls that have the potential to leak your IP address, even if you’re using an encrypted proxy or a VPN.

Epic Privacy Browser Pros:

  • Epic uses an encrypted proxy server to hide your IP address and encrypt your browsing.
  • Epic comes equipped with built-in protection against ad-tracking scripts, cookies, cryptocurrency mining scripts and third-party widgets.
  • Use Epic to “spy on the spies,” as they say. Unlike other browsers, Epic gives you an inside look at who’s tracking you and the trackers the browser has blocked throughout your browsing session.

Epic Privacy Browser Cons:

  • Unlike mainstream browsers, Epic offers no plug-ins. 
  • If you use a password manager, Epic may not work for you, as password managers work as plug-ins.
  • Epic claims to be open-source, but the user can’t download the browser’s source code. To obtain the browser’s source code, you must first reach out to the Epic team. 


Equipped with a built-in ad blocker and VPN, Opera shields your browsing history while also getting rid of the internet’s endless ads. 

Beyond its privacy protection features, Opera has a ton of other neat features. With Battery Saver enabled, you can browse up to 35% longer than heavier browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

I find Opera’s Personal News feature the most intriguing. Functioning much like an RSS feed, Personal News collects news and displays it to you all in one convenient location.

Opera Pros:

  • Opera comes with a free VPN that reduces online tracking and protects your browsing history.
  • Built-in ad blocking means pages load faster. You can also easily unblock ads on any website.
  • Opera allows you to sync your bookmarks, tabs and passwords across multiple devices and keeps your information safe by using an anonymous token to identify you and sync your data.

Opera Cons:

  • Though Opera has become popular among many, it’s far less popular than mainstream web browsers, so website developers don’t always verify their website is compatible with Opera.
  • Extensions can be hard to find in Opera.
  • Opera is updated every four to six weeks, whereas Chromium, the basis of Opera, receives updates every two to three weeks. For Opera users, security problems discovered and patched in Chromium could remain in Opera for several weeks.


Much like other browsers we’ve highlighted so far, Vivaldi blocks sites from tracking you as you peruse the web. It also comes with features like a built-in ad blocker and secure sync with end-to-end encryption.

Perhaps the most exciting features Vivaldi offers are tab stacking, tab tiling and vertical tabs. By providing such customization features, Vivaldi gives its users full control of how they group, display and interact with tabs within the web browser.

Vivaldi Pros:

  • Vivaldi offers secure sync with end-to-end encryption, making it easier and safer than ever to sync your bookmarks, passwords and extensions across each of your devices.
  • Vivaldi doesn’t store your web history, cookies and temporary files when you browse in a private window.
  • To make your private browsing safer, Vivaldi allows you to set a different default search engine when using a private window.

Vivaldi Cons:

  • There is an Android version of Vivaldi, but iOS users are out of luck for the time being.
  • Vivaldi isn’t the fastest browser out there. A tendency to freeze has also troubled enough users that it’s become somewhat of a common complaint.
  • Vivaldi includes links to websites in its default bookmarks. Vivaldi also receives shared revenue from some of the default bookmarks. Meaning, Vivaldi has made ad space out of its bookmarks space.

Mozilla Firefox

From its comprehensive security settings to nifty features like Firefox Lockwise, Mozilla Firefox makes nary a compromise when pleasing its users. Not only does Firefox block over 2,000 data trackers automatically, but the browser will also alert you if your personal information has been compromised as part of a corporate data breach

When it comes to features like Firefox Lockwise, you can also count on this privacy-focused browser to keep your passwords safe. Using 256-bit encryption, Firefox Lockwise allows you to access passwords you’ve saved in Firefox from anywhere.

Firefox Pros:

  • Features like Firefox Monitor can tell you if you’ve been part of an online data breach.
  • Firefox is a pro in ad blocking and touts itself for blocking 10,000,000,000 trackers each day for users worldwide.
  • Firefox collects data for development purposes but does so without including your browsing or search history. The data is also tied to a randomized numerical identifier rather than your name or user account. If you’d rather not share any information at all, you can also turn it off without affecting the browser’s performance.

Firefox Cons:

  • While Mozilla offers plenty of articles and FAQ’s for Firefox users in need of support, navigating its support system can be difficult. Not only does it require copious amounts of clicking, but the community forum doesn’t function reliably.
  • Firefox has several extensions, but it doesn’t offer nearly as many extensions as browsers like Chrome.
  • Firefox receives monthly updates. While that puts updates on a regular schedule, other browsers receive more frequent updates.

Google Chrome

Google isn’t exactly well known for protecting user data. However, Chrome helps protect its users from malicious sites and downloads that may steal your passwords or infect your machine. Chrome also updates every six weeks, providing its users with the newest security features and fixes. For more critical security bugs, Google sends out a fix within 24 hours.

To protect your data while using Chrome, consider adding DuckDuckGo to Chrome. With this handy extension, you can protect your data, internet search history and avoid pesky advertising trackers.

Chrome Pros:

  • Chrome is a speedy web browser and loads and displays pages very quickly.
  • Features like Google Safe Browsing will warn you if you attempt to navigate to dangerous sites or download malicious files.
  • With Chrome, you won’t have to worry about remembering all of your passwords. Instead, Chrome will generate a unique password for each site you visit.

Chrome Cons:

  • Google collects a significant amount of data as it relates to its userbase. Not only does the company track every search you perform, but it also tracks your location.
  • If you’re using Chrome across multiple devices, you can sync your search history, bookmarks, among other things. Unfortunately, you must first enable sync to take advantage of the feature.
  • While Google says it doesn’t sell user data, it does use it to serve up relevant ads in Google products, on its partner websites and in mobile apps.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge promises “world-class performance with more privacy, more productivity, and more value.” Designed to detect and block trackers, Microsoft Edge also comes readily equipped with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen. 

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is turned on by default and helps protect you from websites containing malware. This feature also helps protect against phishing and will stop you from downloading potentially malicious files when surfing the web.

Microsoft Edge Pros:

  • Edge was built using Chromium, meaning you can use extensions from both Microsoft and Google’s web store.
  • Edge offers three levels of privacy protection. By default, the browser sets itself to Balanced, which blocks harmful trackers. To block all trackers, opt for Strict tracking prevention.
  • Edge allows you to sync your bookmarks, settings and passwords using your Microsoft account. Microsoft also plans to let users sync their history, open tabs, extensions and collections.

Microsoft Edge Cons:

  • Edge lacks many enticing features. While Brave users benefit from BAT and Opera users enjoy features such as Battery Saver, Edge users won’t find many fun or intriguing features.
  • Visit the website for Edge and you’ll find it has plenty of new features for users to enjoy. Unfortunately, many of these features aren’t available yet.
  • Edge doesn’t come outfitted with an ad blocker. Instead, you’ll have to choose an add-on ad blocker.

There are countless ways to protect your privacy online. Whether that means opting for one of the secure browsers listed above or adding an ad blocker or similar add-on to your current browser is up to you. 

In the end, the most effective way to keep yourself protected online is understanding when and how your data is being tracked and reading the privacy terms of the websites you’re visiting.

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Why WP Rocket is Dependable for Some of Google SERPs Glitch

Visuals have gone lacking from Google’s research final results pages once more. The bug appears to affect recipe bloggers the most. Some are saying that WP Rocket had something to do with it. But that is not verified.

The websites that were being in the carousels at the leading of the site shed their rankings.

The websites that were being in the typical search outcomes retained their rankings but missing the impression that is intended to accompany their SERP listing.

Screenshot of Google's SERPs showing missing images

Stories From Recipe Bloggers

Casey Markee (@MediaWyse) tweeted that he was receiving multiple studies from websites that their listings in the leading of the site “recipe carousel” have long gone lacking.


Continue Looking at Underneath

Several recipe bloggers responded to the tweet to report their issue.

WP Rocket Suspected as Linked with the Trouble

Lots of bloggers observed that all of them experienced WP Rocket in common. They commenced to suspect that WP Rocket was creating the illustrations or photos to not be viewed by Google. If that’s accurate then that would clarify why the pictures had been disappearing from Google’s SERPs.

WP Rocket is a plugin whose goal is to pace up a web page.

A caching plugin can consider JavaScript and CSS documents, such as people associated with plugins and then shrink them down (a process identified as minifying).


Carry on Reading Underneath

WP Rocket also normally takes information and puts them into a cache. A cache is like a snapshot. This will save time simply because WordPress doesn’t have to fetch data from a databases but can use the cached file.

But from time to time the process of minifying or caching can interfere with the procedure of a plugin, leading to the web site to not perform effectively.

Often this happens when a plugin has updated but WP Rocket (or any other caching plugin) does not automatically update the cache or minified files.

That’s why it is a excellent follow to flush the cache and generate a new cache as very well as minify data files when WordPress itself updates or when a plugin updates.

A single would believe that a plugin would do that automatically and it can. But absolutely nothing is best and caching plugins can be a minor testy.

WP Rocket had an update, 3.6.1 on June 24, 2020. When a plugin has an update, there is typically a bug correct. But at times an update can have some thing that interferes with a further plugin or with WordPress alone. That’s termed a conflict.

Simply because WP Rocket was not too long ago up to date and that coincided with some of the to start with studies, it was assumed that WP Rocket may well be interfering somehow to block CSS or JavaScript data files, protecting against Google from acquiring all the web web site photos and methods, like the Guided Recipes and Standard Recipes structured knowledge.

Casey Markee showed a screenshot showing how disabling WP Rocket brought about Google’s Abundant Snippets resource to start looking at the structured information again.

Screenshot of Google’s Structured Information Software

Screenshot of Google's structured data toolScreenshot displaying how Google’s structured info resource does not see certain parts of the structured data.


Carry on Reading through Beneath

WP Rocket launched a new update on July 8th (coincidentally) and some bloggers who updated to the most up-to-date version claimed possessing their trouble solved.

WP Rocket arrived at out on Twitter and available to enable:

WP Rocket Not at Fault – Update

In accordance to Casey Markee

“Most possible, there are various plugin conflicts that are causing these non permanent rendering problems. A person of them, Expand by Mediavine was definitively the triggering lead to in a number of circumstances we traced about the last 48 hrs.

As for the WP Rocket challenge, it “could” be the concern in pick out conditions and I know of two cases we can say that was the circumstance as they didn’t have Improve set up. In the conclusion, nearly anything that impedes JS or CSS from loading can trigger problems.”

No Word from Google

Google’s John Mueller questioned for URLs and lots of bloggers responded. Potentially they figured the dilemma was solved?


Carry on Reading through Underneath

What Took place? Current

At the time, July 8th, it was not completely certain  that this was an challenge distinct to WP Rocket. It appeared to be a WP Rocket difficulty but seemingly it was no totally a WP Rocket problem.

There was a different concern to do with an fully various WordPress Plugin termed Increase by MediaVine.

WordPress Develop is the Supply of the Image Issues

This is a superior illustration of how the evident suspect is not generally the difficulty. By remaining evident, quite a few folks will halt on the lookout for an answer because they are happy that the most clear applicant is at fault. It is a extremely common bias in diagnosing an problem.


How to entry the Darkish Website in 2019 : Augusta Totally free Push

website online

Picture Credit score: sweetym

Certainly, at one particular level or the other in our respective exploration of the web, we will have to have read in movies or read in blogs the expression “dark internet,” right? The idea of the darkish web isn’t a new idea, and far more often than we understand, we really appear throughout some aspects of it, but since we haven’t been acquainted with it, we often dismiss or fail to fork out consideration to it. In this mild, let’s now delve into the facts of the darkish website, as effectively as what we need to access it.

What is the Darkish World wide web?

By now, you’ve  most probably listened to about or accessed internet websites like Shopify, Wikihow, Forbes, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Fb, to mention but a few. But further than these  popular websites are some concealed web sites that are not quickly accessible by the common public. Are you amazed to listen to that? Never be! The dim world wide web, or darknet, is a basic phrase for a selection of internet websites on an encrypted network with concealed IP addresses – all of which gives users sturdy anonymity safety. Simply because they are not indexed by common search engines, you can only accessibility them with particular anonymity browsers, these as I2P, Freenet, and the most widespread, The Onion Router (TOR) bundle.

How to Access the Darkish Website correctly in 2019

Typically, there are numerous sources one can use to accessibility the darkish internet, but a person of the most dependable in 2019 is the Tor browser. The browser is an encrypted community of volunteer relays all-around the earth by means of which users’ internet connections are routed. The essence of these relays is to make Tor anonymous so that no just one may be capable to trace it. But on the downside, these relays slow down connections. And this is simply because instead than accessing the server of the site you want to go to initial, you initial have to go by the relays, which are normally purposely scattered about the world. Also, due to the fact the program is decentralized, not all the relays have the identical CPU, this means that while some are speedy and potent, other folks might run at a snail’s pace. The least complicated way to look through dark web world wide web webpages is to down load and install the Tor browser bundle. So if you do not have a Tor browser nonetheless and you want to obtain the darknet markets, you need to guarantee that you obtain one particular very first. In contrast to the .com, .web, and. org you have in the area net sites, the websites in this article have extra complex URLs, most of which finish with the suffix .onion. Extra frequently than not, web sites will typically alter their URLs in buy to evade detection and DDoS attacks. When you’re on the dark Web, ISPs – and by extension, the federal government – may possibly not be capable to look at your exercise, but they will know you are on the Tor Network. This by yourself is ample to increase eyebrows in some nations. That’s why we propose accessing Tor applying a VPN. That way, your web targeted visitors is routed via the VPN prior to going by way of the Tor Network and lastly reaching its vacation spot. With this approach, your ISP only sees the encrypted VPN traffic, and will not know you are on the Tor community. The big problem with utilizing Tor around a VPN is that it calls for you to have faith in your VPN supplier, as the supplier might see that you are employing Tor. To mitigate this challenge, use a VPN that does not log your routines, and join to your VPN in advance of opening the Tor browser.

Measures to Access the Dim Net

Workforce up with an great VPN provider provider

Like it or not, but your anonymity and safety on the darknet is only as powerful as the VPN network you’re tethered to. This is why we always advise that people should be mindful about their selection of VON provider when accessing the ark website because just a slight misappropriation or loophole from a VPN company is enough to jeopardize all that you purpose to do on the Dark web. So to be on the safest route, always go for a VPN provider that does not preserve logs, has no DNS leaks, is fast, is compatible with Tor, and which (preferably) accepts Bitcoin as payment. Even though you could discover it complicated at first securing VPN platforms like these believe in me it’s usually worth each individual little bit of your hard work in the finish. What the VPN solutions do in essence is to faux your location, building it appear as even though you’re accessing the darknet from a unique locale.

Down load and put in the Tor browser bundle

It is accurate the stating that there’s no accessing the darkish world-wide-web without the need of a Tor browser. But just before you go ahead to down load a Tor bundle even though, assure that your VPN is operating in the background. Furthermore, it is also very important that you obtain Tor from the formal Tor undertaking web-site.

Begin searching .onion internet websites

Ordinarily, the moment you open up Tor on your Laptop, you’ll most probable be directed to the look for engine DuckDuckGo. Though DuckDuckGo is built to provide extra privacy and encryption even though looking the website, you shouldn’t confuse it for the dark web’s edition of Google simply because in actuality, DuckDuckGo lookups the obvious world wide web just like an normal website browser or search motor. That means if you do a keyword search, you are final results are heading to be essentially the very same as what you would obtain on the normal online.

Fortuitously, there are dark World-wide-web lookup engines that will bring you to .onion sites. These incorporate:

Welcome to Dark Internet


not Evil

Just make guaranteed to often transform on your VPN in advance of opening Tor and commencing a world-wide-web surfing session.

Uday Tank has been operating with writing challenged shoppers for quite a few yrs. His educational qualifications in family science and journalism has presented him a wide foundation from which to approach a lot of subjects. He particularly enjoys crafting written content just after studying and analyzing various resources regardless of whether they are textbooks, content or on the web things.



Top 10 Finest Fresh new Meat Slicers 2020

When Google first unveiled the Google Glass, we had been amazed. However, at that reduce-off date, it seems that evidently the planet simply wasn’t reasonably well prepared for wise eyeglasses know-how and it was fulfilled with substantial backlash from privateness advocates. We’re undecided fast ahead to at the second if the world is ready, however it seems that evidently Google has not quite specified up on the know-how but.

In line with a patent uncovered by Patently Apple, it looks that Google has filed a patent for what looks to be a pair of sensible glasses. Yet, this iteration will in all probability be fully diverse from the distinctive style, the place it would seem to look excess like your standard pair of glasses reasonably than a elaborate tech gadget, which may well guide make them mix in with the atmosphere so substantially better.

Regardless of whether or not or not Google strategies to express this gadget to market stays to be viewed, specially considering that patents really should not a assure of that getting spot. Yet, we are in a position to’t say we’re stunned that the company may well nevertheless be exploring the principle of wearables. Google’s rival Apple is alleged to be engaged on a pair of practical glasses that could debut in just the subsequent couple of a long time, so most likely Google is not pretty equipped to utterly cede sector share to Apple just but.

Filed in Units. Master additional about Google, Patent and Wearable Tech. Offer: patentlyapple


John Pitts: Bitcoin SV is one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime

How do you actually calculate the price of Bitcoin tokens?

We have heard a lot of superficial price speculation concerning Bitcoin in the past few years. Most of it came from people who have no education or expertise in the field of price analytics though.

That is why we caught up with equity analyst John Pitts to talk about Bitcoin, theory of money, price valuation of tokens and more.

Hi, John! Kindly introduce yourself and tell us how you became involved in Bitcoin SV.

Hi Michael! First, I just want to say I like your series. My favorite is your interview with Ryan X. Charles, which had a lot of stimulating information for a single interview.

I like to say BitCoin Satoshi Vision is the gold medal Olympic event I’ve been training for my whole life. It satisfies a culmination of everything I’ve done in my life to date, so when I discovered it I finally understood the concept which clergymen have named “the calling.”

The culmination, to which I’m referring, involves three things mainly: technology, game theory, and business.

My technology background started in school with writing BASIC into a Tandy TR-80 in about 1979 as well as entering math competitions from childhood through high school. I got hooked on science in about 4th grade when I was able to solve a problem on an International Mathematics League contest that my math-professor mother couldn’t solve right away. She was an amazing teacher, but it was a bit of a trick question which was best solved without doing math at all! The question was: if 5 people each shake each other’s hands just once, how many total handshakes will there be? It changed how I think about problems forever, from then on I savored the alternative take on things, and sought the toughest challenges. That led to Math & Physics degrees at college, and a five year stint in the nuclear submarine Navy as a nuclear reactor engineer. But tech and science wasn’t my only love—I’ve wavered to and fro.


Whereas the game theory background has been a life-long affair with games which started with Board games like Monopoly, blackjack & poker and continues today via analyzing business strategies. When I was stationed in Idaho at a nuclear prototype, we made road trips to small Nevada gaming towns after reading a book on how to count cards in 21. As a math guy I was super skeptical at first, but it worked. I only did small potatoes amounts, but found it amusing later when that story about the MIT blackjack players got popular—they added an important strategic wrinkle to card-counting which allowed them to make millions instead of hundreds by leveraging personality and sociology. 

You can see how that has implications towards the foundation of BitCoin—multiple fields of study give you an edge over the one-dimensionals. It was not lost on me, but 21 led to poker, and then to business which is far more intricate and therefore interesting.

I say “back” to business, because that itch began being scratched as early as 5th grade with a pen fixing company, which I’ll never forget was capitalized with $2.50 in coins amongst some 11-year-old “partners”, LOL, and continues today as an equity research-based portfolio manager. When I handed in my dolphins (the submarine pin equivalent to “wings” for pilots) I settled on making a career of professional “stock picking,” or equity analysis/research. I specialized in looking for the best companies in the world with a 5-20 year investment horizon. 20 years of research, especially forays into financial payments companies like Paypal, Neteller, Alibaba, and Square, and that dose of alternative thinking from my childhood experience, always kept me interested in looking for a solution to what I’ve called “the #1 problem in the world”: the silent taxation of money printing. Until early 2019, I thought the ONLY solution to that problem was a return to the gold standard, but now I think it’s very possible I’ve been wrong.

Money printing began in earnest in the early 1970s with Nixon leaving the gold standard permanently, and the world’s nations have roughly been using no-asset currencies for 50 years now. Alternative money systems piqued my interest starting in 1999 starting with eGold and GoldMoney. On an interesting side note, in 1999 I also found some interesting blurbs which piqued my interest, from a Canadian company called Zero Knowledge which was making routing software that was a precursor to Tor. But every system which shirked the U.S. dollar, I found flaws. My historical research which goes back practically to the discovery of electrum in Crete, confirmed for me that all money MUST be backed by an asset or it’s doomed to catastrophic collapse. Prediction: BTC and ETH and all the others WILL go to zero over time; I’ll put that out right now in print.

In parallel with this money problem which began ironically when I (and Craig Wright, we are the same age) was born, my dives into internet and technology companies kept me a long study of how computation evolves and where it’s going. I was born at the perfect time to watch green screen mainframes turn into personal computing with the Apple II and Windows, to a server-clients architecture, to distributed clients like Napster & Kazaa, to the internet and then cloud computing. I thought it was game-over with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Apple iCloud, and again I’m finding I’m wrong! But I’ve been wrong TOO many times to ever stop looking for what’s next; plus, I’m a futurist at heart.

As for BitCoin, it came onto my radar in late 2010 or early 2011. Some say it was “bitcoin pizza” which led to bitcoin’s coming out of the closet, but I say it was Mt. Gox. Mt. Gox gave it a fluctuating price like it was frozen orange juice futures or porkbellies, and some way-off-the-radar blogs I used to read sometimes had a write-up about it. All I remember was someone calling it “nerd money,” and it was described as being used by coders to pay other coders for small jobs. I dismissed it. Then I had a partner at my New York City investment fund who came in one day asking me (the tech analyst) about bitcoin and I sheepishly had to admit I hadn’t put any real research work into it. He happened to have met Roger Ver in his jiu jitsu gym, and Roger gave everyone 1 BTC during his visit to New York. My partner at the time didn’t know anything about Roger, to him it was just “some guy” until he figured it out later when Roger got the title “Bitcoin Jesus.”

In 2011 I started paying attention, but I didn’t take bitcoin seriously due to what I’d call an investing “exclusion principle.” My exclusion principle for anything attempting to imitate money is very simple, and that criteria is described fully in the “What is Money?” article I published on Medium and CoinGeek—or the “wampum article” as my family calls it.


Exclusion is an investment method I use to maximize efficiency in finding the needles in haystacks which are amazing 10-25 year investments with ginormous returns. It means I look for easy ways to DISMISS ideas, so that I can focus on what remains. When I took iOS programming course at the exclusive Lambda School last year, I learned binary trees (which are part of Bitcoin’s scaling methodology as “Merkle Trees”), and if you’re familiar with those my exclusion principle is similar if not more drastic. In binary trees you eliminate the bad half, and do that over and over ‘til you find “the one”. My exclusion is more like: find a rule which eliminates 95% noise and then search the 5% for the answer.

The MONEY exclusion principle:

Money is ALWAYS backed by an asset, else it’s simply not a candidate for being money.

Turns out from 2010 to 2019 I didn’t dig deep enough into Bitcoin itself. I had looked at Litecoin when it came out—excluded it. Looked at the new wave in 2016, I think I focused on Steemit as an interesting concept since I was into writing, and dismissed it. I still like Steemit’s platform for writing, but I recognized in mid 2017 its undoing was going to be the messed-up money-tech it was using. To me it was a classic Ponzi scheme, and it really had me dismissing everything in crypto at that point. I should have known there was a needle in that almost trillion dollar haystack, but the collapse in 2018 of cryptocrap convinced me my exclusion principle was saving me LOTS of time and money. There was one last itch to scratch which led me to BSV, the love of games led me down the path. 

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

It’s this kind of puzzle which entertains me greatly—a conundrum to solve. It’s very hard to hide in this world, but this Satoshi was pretty good. I used to read anything that had to do with that topic, even after I determined cryptocurrencies were Ponzi schemes. In late 2018, I came across a tweet stating that the Andrew O’Hagan article is a good read but maybe for the reverse intent of the author. The article had the opposite effect on me, and this Craig Wright guy seemed to possess every characteristic with which I’d grown familiar meeting and studying the great business stories from my career as a tech company analyst. I began reading and watching everything he wrote or produced.

Each article or interview made it more obvious to me he was Satoshi, and after a couple months I was convinced 100% it was him. YET, I still didn’t think of his BSV spinoff, nor its mongreloid cousins BTC nor BCH as anything but Ponzi money. But he was the only person making any coherent sense on the topic of bitcoin, and I had read all the material put out by the Antonopolouses of the world. They all just sounded like coders speaking in gobbledy-goop nerd terms, making themselves sound smart but not backing up anything logically. I knew from my dotcom era days how to spot what I call “overspeak” as a technique to deceive Wall Streeters who don’t know their tech. Financial types routinely fooled Silicon Valley geniuses in the area of finance, the Google IPO was a perfect example of this. But Silicon Valley was also able to fool Wall Streeters via the same method, taking advantage of the other side’s ignorance. I liked to play the fool on both sides, and see what they’d say. So when I read all these supposed BitCoin “experts” it sounded like tech double-speak. GOOD tech is explainable to layman; bad tech isn’t—but can be made to sound the part. Doctor Wright was different, his articles had logic, and math you could verify yourself.

What really tipped me over, was Craig’s write-ups on both selfish mining and BitCoin Turing complete. Selfish mining was easier for me, because I could read the nonsense Rizun and others were using to discredit CSW. They used a basic probability-101 argument to make it seem like Craig didn’t know the first thing about math. I couldn’t verify Craig’s math, not my specialty area as I’m an algebra & calculus guy, but I knew enough to understand the boundary conditions of the problem. Rizun et al didn’t. Craig’s answer, just like his answer to Szabo (who for a short time I thought was Satoshi, until I read his California seashells blog and realized Szabo didn’t understand money) on Turing Completeness was VERY exact and described the boundary conditions of the actual problem PRECISELY. I’ve got news for Rizun, he lost that bet, and he probably knows it at this point.

But all of this was of zero consequence to me, in the realm of digital money solving the money printing problem, until Easter Sunday 2019 when I was listening to a YouTube of Dr. Wright and he hinted BitCoin was a commodity and backed by information. I’m pretty sure it was CSW who defined the difference between data and information to me. Data is stuff, and information is stuff but with a value. Random sentences clipped from a book is data, but listening to Carl Icahn specify which company he was going to acquire next week and why—that would be information, right? Anyway, on Easter Sunday I had an “a-ha moment” stemming from how computation would back the money. Chills ran down my spine, and I realized Wright might have it, the first version of money which can compete with gold and silver in 3,000 years.

I began telling everyone I could, both Wall Street and retail level, to get themselves a heap of BSV. I did a quick analysis of the best stocks of my lifetime, and determined BSV was never going to go lower than it was then $50-60. I can show that analysis in a future article, it’s interesting. Now BitCoin is interesting because every time you say “I totally get it now, I understand 100% everything BitCoin does and can be”, you realize there’s another patch you don’t understand. Brendan Lee and Satoshi himself got me over to the first one at the CoinGeek Seoul conference. Brendan Lee explained how Nodes will be able to set fee prices dynamically, in about a paragraph of talking. Craig explained it in one sentence! I was floored, but I got it immediately. Just a couple months after CoinGeek Seoul, what Craig explained in one sentence happened exactly as he described: the WeatherSV & Mempool (Node or “Miner”) deal which lowered fees from 1 satoshi/Byte to 0.2 satoshis/Byte. In Physics this would be like hearing Einstein describe gravitational waves theoretically, and just a couple months later an experiment proved him (W)right. (Einstein’s relativity was completed by 1915 and it took 100 years until LIGO project proved gravitational waves in 2016!)

My favorite human being in history is Thomas Edison, with the Josephson biography as my favorite book, and I realized there was a modern equivalent walking around and no one seemed to know it. My next article describes this phenomena with historical precedent (a favorite mechanism I use in business), it’s an article about the Wright Brothers I wrote immediately after “What is Money?” but I’m still editing it in my spare time. It’s long, but almost done. Just shaking his hand was a great honor, as I consider him someone who tackled and solved a Herculean feat of intellectual achievement.


CSW is obviously a very busy guy, but you can get quick gems out of him occasionally.

The son of a gun did it to me again earlier this year as he answered my toughest BitCoin question about data-on-chain and how it would work beyond OP_FALSE OP_RETURN (which devs used in 2019 and still use today). This time he didn’t waste a full sentence, but answered in ONE WORD! OP_PUSHDATA. I spent 6 months researching that word to death, and the result is my “What is BitCoin?” article. 

I average making about $5 per month from writing in 2020, I don’t know how you do it Michael!? But the work put into an article like that, isn’t for the $5 per month, and it’s more than just a labor of love too. It’s research I’m going to implement in SLictionary and Hilarist, the apps I’ve been developing with partners since the CoinGeek Seoul conference. Understanding BitCoin’s secrets is the key to being able to create a great business model that withstands the legions of competition I think is coming in the next 12 months. Do you know Game of Thrones? I’m not much for fantasy, but I can assure you “The Whitewalkers are Coming” while everyone is running around discussing who is Satoshi in the small BSV community of Westeros! LOL.


Posted this the day before my “a-HAH” moment that BitCoin was an actual commodity and therefore had real value. Immediately began recommending 1-10% position in BSV which back then was $50-60. CSW’s videos & articles were instrumental.

I’m now over 1.5 years into heavy research into BitCoin, the original protocol, and I STILL have a nagging “big question” on my mind. Like clockwork, I think I understand BitCoin 100% and there’s another layer to the onion to unravel. Lately I’m tackling the dust limit and pruning. You can read in the last third of my article what I’m thinking, and it’s crucial to me and my partners for how we will design our apps so we can easily kick dirt at the “White Walker” Johnny-come-latelies. (Never underestimate a dim but determined opponent).

I’m climbing the chain with my questions again, asking the best minds I know in BitCoin—been conversing with Brendan Lee, Xioahui Liu, unwriter, Shishido, and others. I suspect this time CSW might be a little more coy, as he’s got patents to protect as well as products like TeraNode and Metanet protocol to unleash to the world. He remains a secretive nut to crack, the bugger! Again, perhaps I can describe this nature in the Wright Brothers article? As a writer you’re never sure if the reader is receiving what you’re transmitting, you know what I mean, Michael?

The more I learn about BitCoin SV the more convinced I am that it’s one of the greatest inventions of my lifetime. Because of that opinion, I’m devoting the rest of my working life to doing as much as I can in the BitCoin ecosystem.

You are not only researching and thinking about Bitcoin SV, but you already build on it with your project “SLictionary”. Tell us about that, and have you got anything else in the work concerning BSV?

SLictionary is going to be the world’s best dictionary, by leveraging micropayments to get rid of uneconomical advertising clutter and using money as an incentive to make the most efficient word/vocabulary ecosystem ever built.

The SL stands for Self Learning as well as Structured Language, but really the whole strategy is designed from incentivizing people. We tap the fervor for words amongst a certain type of literary geek—such as myself and partner John DiFelice. He is a data / back-end expert & full stack developer but also a Renaissance Man in the Satoshi mold. John came within a thesis defense of his doctorate in chemistry (long story), then began a life of coding and has that great quality I look for in anyone, the ‘Can Do Spirit’. Things which would take me a month to do, he can conquer in a day. He learned React in a couple weeks, enough to get version one of SLictionary off the ground and running with Money Button which sort of required React. What’s under the hood at SLictionary is REALLY exciting.


I’m more of the surface guy and I’ve attempted to hint at how much lies beneath our simple start page by incorporating our smooth moving but perplexing motif which I call the “Tom Baker Alphabits vortex” (after my favorite Doctor Who doctor and an old 1980s-era cereal)

Here’s a short list of what SLictionary will do at scale:

  1. LEARN: Provide the best most efficient definitions which help people learn faster.
  2. EARN: Like BitCoin in 2009, we rely on others having the vision of what we will be, and chose to start SLictionary with just ONE definition, call it our genesis block– “SLictionary”. It’s our community of “Word$miths” who will earn 70% of the revenues, similar to the App Store.
  3. BURN: When a user has that light-bulb turn on above his head, from looking at the definition a creative Word$mith created, she can vote and pay that helpful Word$mith for the proof-of-work.

That’s base camp for us, there’s SOOOO much more to this story, and I can’t wait to reveal each and every piece as it comes out. We think we have a chance at becoming a top 10 internet site, with a valuation in the trillions in 25 years. Our vision really is that long, so that’s why it’s important to me to really research every nook and cranny of BitCoin to make sure we’re making full use of it.

We think many others will copy our business model over time, but in different areas. This is why I don’t mind being as open as possible. Even if someone copied us and out-spent us to a lead (think Facebook vs say Snapchat) I have a lot of pivots and nuances I can add to stay ahead for a very, very long time. In business, it’s a fine line between overbuilding or overtweaking the thing you’ve built that works for people, and adding new things which enhance the experience and take it to a higher level.

We are working out the last of the bugs with the base dictionary layer, but you can help us by playing around with SLictionary AS we build it. We don’t believe in hiding, so we release our warts too along with new features. Although the commercial dictionary has been around since Webster in 1806, we consider this a green-field opportunity because the big 10 dictionaries haven’t innovated much in a very long time. 


“Word Bounty” is one of our business processes and game-theory innovations, and I think it makes us a word-complete dictionary. I like to say we’re the slowest dictionary on average, but get faster every day with each new definition on a highway to becoming the FASTEST dictionary on average. While we’re slow NOW, we’re actually the MOST word-complete dictionary ever invented, and that’s the power of Word Bounty. Word Bounty allows us to say we have every word defined, and every FUTURE word defined as well. If you can type it into our search engine, we will EVENTUALLY define it. By ‘we’ I mean our Word$miths. Word Bounty will also be of special interest to anyone wishing to make money, paid in BSV, for doing small but important tasks. Recently we’ve been able to onboard people to BSV for the first time without using a bank account or on-ramp, with the help of Word Bounty.


Let me make another prediction now. SLictionary won’t be done, until “Art” is one of the most searched words in our dictionary. Art? My 4 year old knows what art means; I bet you’ve never looked up “art” in a dictionary in your entire life.

How will we do it? We’ll get a great artist like Banksy to submit an original digital artwork under the definition of “art” or “masterpiece” and we’ll put it immutably on-chain, timestamped and authentic as the original piece (with a future product we call Word$mith Guaranty which uses OP_PUSHDATA and my findings with pruning/dust-limit). Why would a great artist do it?

We’re a “Gallery of Words”. We think people won’t just search SLictionary to get the difference between “affect” and “effect”, we think they’ll come for the CREATIVITY. As I tell overly coder-monkey types, or “Spoks” as I call anyone who thinks too logically… “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”. That’s an old bit from a 1980 ad from my childhood:

SLictionary aims to be beautiful as well as highly technical and instructional.

We think an artist like Banksy could “get LIT” from lightbulb fees, forked from our 5,000 satoshi (1 penny) search fee. The math is something like: 100 million people come to see Banksy’s exclusive digital art piece under “art” for 1 penny per viddy, and Banksy makes $1mm per year, or $10mm every 10 years. SLictionary will be the world’s CHEAPEST art gallery. A “Gallery of Words” indeed.


Did you ever hear of a locally famous burger joint called “In N Out” in California? Their “hidden menu” (Try ordering ‘Animal Style’ if you don’t eat buns!) is our inspiration for SLictionary’s naughty side– which we hide from the kids using several methods.

SLictionary is our substrate, we have a much bigger market to tackle once we have it at a self-reliant ecosystem of the curious Knowledge Seekers and the beautiful creators known to us as Word$miths. (On “seekers”, we are going to change “Enter a word to search” on our main page to “Seek and you shall Find”) What’s coming next will lead to our eventual tagline:

“If BitCoin is Data Island (Manhattan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain, Great Britain, Japan), SL Corp is an Information City built atop it”

I haven’t been able to talk about my other project, an iOS comedy app for iPhone called Hilarist which precedes SLictionary. It’s had some very tough hills to climb because it’s so unique. We’re trailblazing with this one, because Apple has some tight requirements surrounding “cryptocurrencies” and has only allowed wallets as of WWDC 2019. If you remember, HandCash was a Test Flight-only app for a long time, and they had the advantage of being a wallet which Apple accepts. We’ve had to build our own wallet because there isn’t a lot of support in the BSV community for iOS apps yet, and my partner Joshua Kaunert hacked BitCoin SV to make one for us.


What’s the #1 joke in the world by revenue? We’ll soon find out! By allowing people to enter old jokes, Hilarist will also reverse-solve comedic copyright which doesn’t even exist yet!

What we’re trying to build with Hilarist we think Apple will love, once they get their head out of their ass and realize Craig is Satoshi, and BSV is BitCoin. You probably can’t tell from that statement, but that’s love of Apple which gets me hot under the collar, not derision (I’m from Philly, where Santa gets pelted with snowballs LOVINGLY at football games). Apple’s like that parent you love dearly who’s being stubborn on a RARE instance you know is right (Love you Mom!), but isn’t budging yet. When Apple comes around, she’s gonna be much richer for what we and many other BSV apps will have to offer them. We’re going to be great for Apple’s App Store, they just don’t see it yet.

Once Hilarist is released for all of you to test, we think another long journey can begin. My partner in that project is yet another “can do” guy. Josh is out of Chicago—a fellow Lambda-Schooler who broke through a < 5% acceptance rate and an even steeper course-completion rate—which I won’t discuss in deference to Lambda School. Let’s just say, Josh was a top student among a handful of hard-chargers who dodged a lot of weeding-out to become a great coder. Once you get a taste of our Test Flight release, you can hit me back for more on what Hilarist will change in the world. If we execute, we will create a brand new micro-industry that really didn’t exist before, and use it as a substrate to a much richer business edifice which will compete with the likes of Comedy Central.

You wrote a remarkable article about Bitcoin, “proof of work” and money. In the article you say that money is always backed by a commodity. What is the commodity that backs Bitcoin?

In one word: COMPUTATION.

I think that’s the best word for it, and I was happy to see Craig use that exact word in his wonderful Theory of Bitcoin series with Ryan X. Charles. But what I mean by computation has a slight bit of depth to it. We can break it down a little bit, but I think it’ll be broken down much more by the Node community, starting with TeraNode and services I think TAAL is going to release in concert with the brilliant minds at nChain such as Donnelly, Shadders, and many others. (There isn’t one person at nChain or CoinGeek/Ayre I’ve conversed with who isn’t just a fantastic mind—going to CoinGeek Bitcoin Association conferences to me is like attending Church– a wonderful respite)


This is just files on-chain, and the OP_PUSHDATA opcode (in the BitCoin scripting language) is center stage here. Think of Bitcoin tokens as lockets, and with OP_PUSHDATA4, for instance, you can store 4 GB of data at a clip inside the “locket” known as a bit or satoshi. I don’t think we’ll be using 1 bit satoshis YET, but I think we’ll be using smaller and smaller UTXO sets (above a lowering dust-limit set by the Node marketplace) as time progresses and the BSV money deflates as it should.


Valuable data is information, and that information can have a value well, well above the value of the bitcoin UTXO set into which it’s stored. This is the bit in my article about buildings on top of land. Open land in Manhattan has value, and an income-generating 100-story office building ALSO has a value—a BIGGER one than pure land. You can also think of container shipping industry. Those huge boxy metal containers are somewhat expensive, yes? Someone told me an empty one can be in the tens of thousands, and during huge demand>supply fluctuations in the market, even higher! The price of empty containers, which fluctuates with supply-demand, is what the BitCoin price IS. What’s INSIDE a container, it could be loaded with 5 carat diamonds and worth billions, or it could be Don’t Touch the Charmin toilet paper but typically the value of the goods INSIDE is worth more than the empty container price, yes?

If a container was loaded with old “ET” games for the 1970s-era Atari game consoles of my youth, they’d be worth less than feces. That game was trash. The container would be worth more EMPTY. The ET games are just “data”, not “information”. You empty it and hope the plastic doesn’t cost you environmental credits to dump into a volcano, and you sell the container to a shipping company for market price! In my article What is BitCoin, this is my “Little Old Lady in the Shoe” house example. Empty the land of it’s rat infested house, and erect a 100-story skyscraper in its place which hosts members of the billion-dollar Yankees. Going back to SLictionary, if Banksy were to put an original digital art piece into the definition of “Art”, we’d host it inside a UTXO (coin), and THAT coin would be worth more than a fungible BitCoin token, right? Keep doing that over and over, and the remaining empty fungible tokens of BitCoin rise in value just like Manhattan open-land prices rise with the stories of the skyscrapers around it!


If you have information and data and empty containers, you need transactions too. These have a cost, thus Node or Mining Fees. It’s my rail network example from the “What is Money?” article.


BitCoin SV is valuable because it stores original one-of-a-kind Banksy’s on SLictionary or Larry David’s latest one-liner in Hilarist UTXO sets, but you want to access those things and that takes transactions. Those transactions can be complex, or “smart contracts” as people have called them, written in either Forth-like BitCoin scripting language, or Xiaohui’s excellent Scrypt higher level coding language (or Shadders’s new template presented at the recent first BSVDevs conference.) Going back to the rail network bit or the definition of “monetas” from the article, transactions represent the value of the NETWORK. Money derives a value from the actual gold and silver, but it ALSO derives value from the mint which controls it.

That picture of Julius Caesar on the Solidus and Denarius doesn’t get there on its own, and neither does the monetary system which allows everyone to accept the money and trade with it. That’s the BitCoin network, and it’s created out of thin air by node providers such as TAAL, Mempool and others. Their “proofs of work” puzzles are similar to the ornate “Grand Central Station” of the NY Central Railroad or “Penn Station” of Pennsylvania Railroad. Heroic beautiful symbols of excess profits. I hope to live long enough to see TAAL Tower rise above the CN Tower, and it’ll be built with Bitcoin SV.

This is a taste of the complexity, enough for 99% of people, but it’ll be more complex as time goes. If you want to see more of the complexity coming, I suggest you simply look up Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud’s price menus. There’s a lot going on and many different prices for different services. You can expect BSV to be just as complicated if not more.

It also sheds some light on a fraud coin like Ethereum. Storing data on it is fruitless, you’re better off with Oracle or IBM or AWS. Transacting is even MORE absurd, it’s costly! Why would anyone choose it? The only applications on BTC and ETH are trader-focused, and that’s for a reason. It’s all ETH and BTC can do! To have REAL money, nodes must get big, and for nodes to get big and not suffer nasty sell-offs which ruin the network, the network must have big blocks and UTILITY.

In a way I feel bad for the owners of a half trillion worth of cryptocrap, they’ve been misled by greedy spruikers (inSLic) into thinking that digital nonsense does what BSV does. They’re going to lose 100% of their investment if they HODL (inSLic). But I don’t feel too bad, because they’ve been warned, and if anyone wants to do the work to verify CSW = Satoshi and BSV = BitCoin there’s SO much information out there at this point. It’s utter stubbornness which prevents anyone who can read or listen from learning its elegant truth.


As an equity analyst, you are busy predicting the future. What is your prediction concerning Bitcoin SV’s future in general?

BitCoin SV has a super strong chance to be human money in the future, but it doesn’t have to be. BitCoin is a commodity called Information, or Computation, and that’s enough to ensure its existence despite any type of governmental challenges. Craig built BitCoin to last from day one, by not hiding it or making it anti-government.

BSV is the opposite, it’s open, and inspires GOOD government. BitCoin will be like a magnet to any nation who embraces it and understands its power. I suspect certain leaders will ban BitCoin just like the United States made gold illegal in 1933 (yeah, THAT happened). This will be very bad for a nation who does this in the future, just as it would be terrible if any leader banned electricity. I’m assuming the reader isn’t Amish (love those guys, they rebuilt my wife’s horse barn and it’s amazing now—if I had another life I’d join them as I’m an old soul), and progress is considered good. For this reason, BSV will survive turmoil.

This is the most important thing I have to say on the topic of BSV’s future. Quite simply, BSV is deflationary money and will go up with usage. If you want to understand BitCoin fundamentals, follow block size, average transactions per block, and read my future articles which will occasionally talk about REAL fundamental valuation techniques for BSV’s price. I don’t believe charting works, it sometimes SEEMS like it does for short periods, but eventually chartists lose it all due to what the surfer in me calls “rogue waves”. Resonance is my favorite Physics. When you get north of two-body motion in simple Newtonian Physics, really really strange cycles emerge which are imperceptible to 80-year human life. BSV has actual business fundamentals, and I touched on one of the fundamental ways you can value BSV yourself, by adjusting the assumptions, inputs and predictions of BSV’s growth parameters. Block size matters. If your cryptocurrency isn’t growing block size and transactions/second, it will die. Promise.

As for the BSV ecosystem, WOW! I’m already impressed. I don’t remember joining Money Button, but I’m [email protected] and it was over a year ago, and I felt like I was the LAST guy in BSV. You’ve got guys like Steve Shadders and Ryan X. Charles and many others who started off in BTC and then switched to the correct fork every time, hats off! But I just onboarded a guy last night and he’s [email protected]. Hence, growth yr/yr is north of 500% and some metrics are much higher than that!


But CAN you do better? Than Ryan X. Charles here? Having the Word$mith’s handle publicly shown presents one of SLictionary’s most interesting dynamics—much different from a typical dictionary. Humans aren’t all SERIOUS nor all FUN and neither is their language.

Let me assure you, in business it’s VERY rare to find growth that high. You might not think there’s been big growth in the last year, but that’s what the early part of an exponential curve looks like. Compared to the “hockey stick” [as we called it on Wall Street before “S-Curve” became the hot replacement lingo (NOTINslic)] the 2020/2019 growth will look like nothing. So don’t get comfortable. Again, the Whitewalkers are coming for BSV and it’ll have a 1999-style growth at some point in the future. 

I also have another article written you can preview on about the TIME aspect of BSV’s valuation. I think BSV price growth will seem PAINSTAKINGLY slow to many who want “Lambo”. I’m planning on releasing the article with a picture of a geezer laying in his bathing suit on his Lambo, and I’m going to change the title to “BitCoin SV: The Get-Rich-SLOW Scheme”. It’s my story of how great wonderful companies grow; always slower than frauds.

Frauds have the liberty to lie (like you wrote about in your Vitalik Buterin article) and there’s no cost, right? Vitalik is a little greedy man who can at zero cost lie in public about how caring and wonderful he is. But name something he’s actually done other than copy BitCoin, and insert some Solidity code into it while screwing up the protocol so it doesn’t scale. Vitalik, Adam Back and 1-Meg Greg are “Get Rich Quick” schemers. I lived through 1999, I was shorting everything that moved that year, and it was VERY painful. It took almost no work to uncover the thinly veiled frauds, which is why it’s so easy for me to see right through fake-intellectuals like Vitalik (have you listened to some of his interviews, pure nonsense), and he’s the BEST of “the others”.

The rest, like the Lee family hucksters, are pure money-grabbing carnival barkers just like Audiohighway,, and PurchasePro from the dotcom days. Ever hear of them? Actually it’s worse, because the cruddy dotcoms had to at least BUILD from scratch. Think about Litecoin with respect to when you first learned what plagiarism was in school. I had a non-caring teacher once in English, and kids were copying the summary of Hardy Boys books, on page 1, and handing it in. They’d change maybe a half dozen words and think that exonerated them from plagiarism! This is funny, but when grown-ups do it in public, not as funny. Unfortunately this is what “open-source” has caused. I’m all for the open-source movement for certain purposes, but it doesn’t exist to allow a blatant copy, change a number by 10%, and call it your own creation. Charlie Lee sold it as “digital silver” to suckers, unloaded all his pre-mine cryptocrap at the top, and now he’s a “respected” entity? This is a current flaw in our world culture—many people don’t care HOW you made your money. If making money was the only goal, I would’ve become a Televangelist. 1-800-SEN-$2ME. Praise Be!

No. 20 years from now, I know it’s hard to believe, but Vitalie Byutes will just be a cartoon character that very few oldsters remember. If you’re 29 now, come talk to me when you’re 49, and we’ll see if you remember these names. I fought the CEO of a company called PurchasePro like Daniel fought Lions, and I don’t even remember the guy’s name. I remember Reed Hastings, Rich Barton and Jeff Boyd tho.

Here’s the thing about that slowness of the price rise in great companies or investments: Apple and Google and other great stock stories unfold over a couple of decades, and they seem boring by comparison to high-flyers of each year; BUT over time, they generate massive alpha in the 30-50% per annum range—simply unbeatable! That’s what you hope for BSV if you actually believe in it. If you’re hoping for $19,000 BSV in 2021 like BTC hit $19,000 in late 2017, I think you’re going to be disappointed and probably lose money. If you consider BSV an investment for Lambos, I suggest you think of it as education-fund money for your kids or grandkids instead. I’ve got 3 wonderful children, so i can say that’s not a bad outcome. (The absurd price of college, and the emerging technologically-inspired solutions like SLictionary, is an article for another day)

Since the digital asset sphere was mainly driven by superficial price speculation in the past years – instead of building applications and use cases—we are happy to be able to talk with you about price speculation in a more serious way. As an equity analyst, how do you try to find out the true value of the Bitcoin tokens?

I don’t spend too much time worrying about TRUE value, but I have more than one method of playing with fundamental metrics to build a price RANGE of value for BitCoin. If you read a Medium piece I wrote called “Pittsenburg Uncertainty Principle” I talk about how volatility plays into great investments.


Volatility is brutal, to make it short, but you take that volatility if you have strong conviction and you’ve done your valuation work to understand both your downside risk as well as your upside. Let me give you an example.

I recommended a HUGE position in Snapchat in Q3 2017 at around $12-13, with a long term 5-8 year price target in the $100-200 range and a worst-case downside of $3 to $4. Guess what happened? First Snapchat went up 50% and I thought I had really nailed the timing. Then Evan Spiegel changed his popular app too fast and lost momentum which wasn’t regained for a full year.

That stock went to $4 in December 2018, ouch! You have to plan ahead to take that punishment. But take it you must, because the alternative is the instance like Netflix in late 2012 during what I call the “Red Envelope” collapse. Reed Hastings made the right decision (much like Snapchat did in early 2018 but led to $20 to fall to $4 in < 1 year) in ditching red envelopes for streaming content. Wall Street HATED this move. I waited to buy that stock at around $60 using my experience for how far down in price great companies could fall during negative sentiment periods. And it was happening, Netflix fell to $80 quickly.

But I missed it. While I was waiting with baited breath for $65, Carl Icahn’s son bought every share that traded in the $80s and then Netflix became the fastest rising stock of my investment career. I’d made a mistake, one I won’t make again. You HAVE to be able to take downside risk. In this case of Netflix, the downside risk didn’t happen, Icahn’s fund was thrilled! He probably sold it too low, but it was one of the greatest purchases of all time, and much better than buying Netflix years before at even lower prices!


Netflix suffered “Red Envelope” reformation massacre in Fall 2012 and it was a generational buying opportunity if you were using the PROPER risk-reward model (and purchasing at $80-100 pre 10:1 split) rather than waiting for a certain price ($60s).

But these are advanced techniques, and I’ve had to pay for them. I’ve got a list of mistakes which shape my investing style which are far bigger than the success methods I write in my articles. I mold myself a bit like Edison, I’m not afraid to make mistakes in pursuit of becoming the best at something. I’m “over my skis” as they say on Wall Street quite often. My articles are ironically about atoning for those mistakes; they’re letters to my children. I don’t care so much if people read them, but I care if my kids do. It would break my heart to have my kids make the same mistakes I’ve made, and it’s a way I can be a good Dad by writing the stories in public, much like BSV’s blockchain is public and therefore held to a high standard by onlooking society. I think in my “What is Money?” article I mention gold rings as proof of work in marriage, but the marriage ITSELF is a public display, it’s meant to have witnesses to ensure the participants stay honorable. This is in fact the same with BitCoin’s immutable ledger, it’s public for attestation.

That’s really what my writing is, even though it can sometimes sound like an annoying teacher or braggart. Love the Bible, actually, for this reason. It contains great hand-me-down stories written by wise men, but that doesn’t mean I don’t criticize parts of it, or challenge it. But most of it is a history of the mistakes and triumphs of our forefathers. I think the next step in convincing my kids to read my stories is to take myself out of the stories, and make them pseudonymous. But I’m a young writer and have much to learn!

Recently you wrote another great article about Bitcoin, where you state:

“(…) financial types, who commonly complain they don’t know how to calculate what price BitCoin’s should trade. While many have used the market capitalization of the US Dollar or all the fiat currencies to estimate a high-side destination for BitCoin price, that’s the weaker side of valuation work. The stronger side is understanding how to calculate the RISK → what LOW price could BitCoin achieve during these early innings of expected high price volatility.”

And you go on with this:

“It’s far safer and more conservative to value BitCoin as a data network similar to Amazon Web Services, or Apple iCloud. Using this method we can get the more important number: the risk.”

Very interesting! What low price could Bitcoin SV achieve at the moment then? What is your calculated risk?

Oh boy, you had to ask a question where people are going to really hate me afterwards. LOW is my short answer, quite LOW. That said, I think I mentioned already it will take an act of God to get BSV below $50, so that’s a consolation to you? Perhaps?

Consult Ari Kuqi! He likes to be reviled (NOTINslic), ha ha, and he says $5.00! I disagree, as markets are smart and aren’t completely lacking in vision especially if the upside is so large.

But seriously, read “Pittsenburg UP”, and expect LOTS of volatility. I told people to buy at $50-60 because my experience and historical calculations told me that was the basement floor. This is something I’ve spent a LOT of time attempting to perfect. Fundamentally though? It can go below $50, sorry. At around $100 ($2.1 bn valuation) it’s a bargain and like my Netflix mistake I wouldn’t wait to buy it below that price.

The upside in BSV is very large over time. Be patient, and don’t be consumed with BSV prices. If you glanced at the price once per quarter, it’s enough.

What you SHOULD be doing is researching applications and companies within the BSV community, that’s what I’ve done since mid-2019. I helped my best friend get into a very well-known seed-round in the BSV community as of Q4 2019, and a few after that. It’s my hope he “tons it” in those investments. If you surround yourself with “rich” people, you shall be rich. Isn’t that a proverb somewhere? Be great to your friends and neighbors, don’t try to sell them BSV just because you own it. Do BETTER for them, help them buy it LOWER than you did. A happy wife is a happy life. I think Hugh Hefner said that didn’t he?

If you buy BSV, even at $250 or $500, just allow for it to really travel down after that, you never know. Have some bullets left to trickle into more. If you feel universal HATE for BSV around you, and your research still says it’s great long term, buy. If you feel universal LOVE for BSV around you, and the shoeshine guy is telling you to double down at $2,500 per BSV because it’s going to $25,000, sell some! As my Dad said, spend less than you earn and you’ll have lots of options in life others won’t. You’ll be able to buy weakness when it comes.

Allow me to quote you again, because this really is great:

“Since BitCoin is deflationary money, you should choose something responsible which allows the value of the empty token to climb to relevance and compete with the value of your information stored inside. This FORCES good decision-making”

Kindly explain this for us!

Oh boy, I edited most of that “What is BitCoin?” article with a fine-toothed comb except the last 20% or so, and I feel like I did a really did a poor job of describing my vision for the GOODNESS of pruning, the dust limit, and why they can be the best thing to ever happen to BSV.

Perhaps I didn’t draw the correlation hard enough with the ratty Little Old Lady in the Shoe house? A great city is made not by open spaces, but by utilizing EVERY inch of land. I don’t know what the smallest-ever land parcel was in the history of Manhattan, but whatever it was, it’s the same as BSV’s bit or satoshi token. What can you build on it?

Here’s a game I used to play with my wife when we were dating in NYC. I’d walk down a street where a building’s developer was forced by “city planning” to have open space, so they’d erect a tall black fence with spikes over it and there’d be some “park” grass. Typically it wasn’t lit well at night, and it was a creepy street, you felt unsafe instinctually because some creep could jump out of the shadows. I knew why it was a creepy street from living there so long, but I’d quiz her.

“Good street or bad street?” BAD she’d say. Then I’d walk down a street where all the buildings were older, and zero alleyways because one builder would literally lean his building up against the two beside it—you could almost smell the efficiency of greed. The building invaded every inch up to the public sidewalk.

“Good street or bad?” I’d ask. GREAT she’d say. She knew it INSTINCTUALLY what the city planner didn’t. Great city life is built on the chaos of filling every inch of it with value—not open space for the sake of open space. If a park is valuable, someone will preserve it with money. The Central Park Conservancy does this, and you can see the absolutely STRIKING picture I’ve used in the article is a demonstration of the power of a great society. Manhattaners, typically rich ones, have saved Central Park from being paved over like the Bush family allowed in Florida Everglades during the Real Estate boom.


Now I don’t think BitCoin SV “park-land” is going to be a thing, I’m just saying that the more BSV is UTILIZED, the better the buildings of “Information City” on the BSV land, the higher the value for us all. So why shouldn’t we prune the bad data? Is every Twetch valuable? Hell no! Are some Twetches 1,000x more valuable than the price the author received, hell yes! Save the good, out with the bad.

I think we’re seeing that develop in the community already, and when I wrote the article PowPing wasn’t out and there really was no champion for OFF-chain data. I think we learn from unwriter’s on/off-chain-data view which is on full display—all of us. The up and down motions of our apps and business valuations will arbite the best from the rest. But remember, it’s not zero sum either, so don’t be trying to pigeonhole me as pro-thisApp or anti-thisApp, life is about trying things and seeing what sticks to the wall, and then adjusting. For everything other than the BSV protocol that is!

But let me finish by saying, if you don’t think BSV rises with time thanks to the increasing value of information and its transactions, albeit slowly in my opinion, then why is it any better than the fiat we already have?

Visa and MC could lower fees from 30 cents or 10 cents to 1 cent and get more competitive. Now, there’s nuances to that statement concerning the immutable ledger difference, but my point is BSV is in fact great because it’s deflationary and rises with time. It’s MUCH more like a city than the electricity example I used in my first article. So let’s plan on this deflation, it’s not a huge leap of faith if you understand BitCoin.

Plan on the city improving, and then you don’t mind so much the threatening pruning Lin Zheming hints, or the dust-limit talk of some future Nodes vs Tokenizers debate. The market will decide these things, that’s what I THINK but also HOPE occurs. Ask Craig, not me. I think he’s holding back! LOL. Go bark up nChain’s tree about the future of OP_FALSE OP_RETURN (which I kinda hate actually and hope it fully goes away) and see what they say. I think of nChain as practically a holy organization of altruism, but i think we’ll find out in the coming years they are profit-minded like all of us, and why shouldn’t they be?!

There is kind of a controversy in the “BSV community” concerning the fact that transaction processors are able to be paid in fiat money instead of Bitcoin tokens to process transactions (“miner fees”). Kindly walk us through this a little. If transaction processors are paid in fiat for processing transactions, does that mean the Bitcoin tokens are not a necessity to “run Bitcoin”?

I don’t know enough to care about this. It’s not on my radar, and I’m just as curious as you as to why people care about it. Due to lack of knowledge on this, and you can quote me on this, I’ll just mimic whatever Ryan X. Charles said on this topic. It’s not even something I plan on researching, so excuse me on this one.

As far as I understand it, fiat will compete as money with the Bitcoin tokens in the Bitcoin network. As an equity analyst, would this way of thinking in any way change your prediction of the price of Bitcoin tokens in the future?

I think I’ll save talk on this for AFTER BSV has its first run-in with the law. Let me just say I think Jimmy Nguyen and Craig Wright are your best friends. To those from the BCH community who still don’t like Craig’s philosophy or the law-abiding nature of BitCoin, I say: You simply don’t know BitCoin and have more to learn.

Maybe there’s a quote from Sun Tzu which applies to being humble on the battlefield, but I agree with nChain and the Bitcoin Association that BSV will do WONDERS for fiat currencies, and save them a TON of money. I hope someday we know the HORROR STORIES of how much money was stolen via unkempt methodologies with paper and digital currencies. I’m sure those are highly guarded secrets, but ones which nChain and BSV might uncover and solve as relics of the past.


Smart ambassadors for BitCoin push its power for GOOD, because that’s why it was built in the first place.

Craig did all this work for us already, before he even released the white paper. He figured out that you can’t be BCH, that’s why we had the split. BCH fails because they are acting like criminals. If you support that, it’s time to grow up. Real leaders face their enemy face to face, they don’t fight from behind. In fact, if you study enough about fighting, most of the time simply facing your enemies means you never have to fight at all. This is the message of BitCoin, it’s open. If you want to be a criminal, go somewhere else and hawk your Snake Oil. But BSV is where you go to prove you’re running clean. That’s a wonderful invention isn’t it? I think I’ve said before, BitCoin is the best invention of my lifetime, and you have to go back to the transistor to find something as important. Hate Craig? Call him a plagiarist? How about THANK Craig?! Thank Calvin for saving BitCoin. If you want me to lose my cool quickly, criticize CSW or Ayre Group, they’re more above-board than anything I’ve followed in business.

I fully agree with Craig, what a shame the first thing people conjured when they saw BitCoin was Silk Road. Ross Ulbricht was dim. When you invent splitting the atom, your first thought shouldn’t be “We can slaughter entire CITIES of people in one press of a button!” It turns out splitting the atom for energy hasn’t been so economical either (Nukes don’t buy disaster insurance like their competitors), but at least they are trying to do good not bad. Every great invention has a downside, maybe smartphones are giving us brain cancer who knows? But we love them for the UPSIDE. BSV is the same. Grow up and learn that Craig and Jimmy and Calvin are great dudes fighting for the right to use BitCoin for amazing wonderful outcomes we can’t even imagine. Dislike their personality? Who cares?

Where will you share your future insights and how does one get in touch with you?

I’m trying to upgrade my $5 per month writing skills to something more where I can maybe buy my lady a nice dinner! You can find my articles in unfinished raw form on Bit.Sv for the moment, and then typically Medium for the longer formats or things unrelated to BSV, but CoinGeek for BSV-centric material. When I have time to write.

powping: @John

Twetch: u/462 and u/13328 for SLictionary updates (exciting stuff coming!)

BAEmail & Money Button: [email protected]

Twitter (yuck): @EquityDiamonds (future article coming about Twitter soon, hint: not good)

Streamanity: Diamonds in the Rough (podcast)

Medium: @EquityDiamonds or “John Pitts”


Oh, and I’ve been working on an investing podcast for several weeks with an experienced entrepreneur named Len Mazur from Texas. We will standardize on Streamanity—only when we release the first video which we just got done the initial edit. It will also be on Apple podcasts under “Diamonds in the Rough” after a buffer period on Streamanity. Here’s the link to our first episode which is about Len journeying from BTC to BSV:


Thank you very much for your efforts and your time!

Looking forward to READING your next articles Michael, rather than being the subject. Much easier. See you in New York in October I hope?

New to Bitcoin? Check out CoinGeek’s Bitcoin for Beginners section, the ultimate resource guide to learn more about Bitcoin—as originally envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto—and blockchain.


Charnwood inBusiness – 14 spectacular businesses in Syston, Anstey and Birstall that you can rely on

Everyone needs the help of a local business at some point.

Whether it’s finding an electrician, a supplier for your pet food, or a shop nearby to pick up a greetings card and flowers for that special birthday or anniversary.

Listed below are 16 amazing Leicestershire businesses in Syston, Anstey and Birstall that deserve a shout-out for their fantastic services.

LeicestershireLive has teamed up with Charnwood Borough Council to promote local companies in the Charnwood inBusiness campaign

LeicestershireLive has liniked up with Charnwood Borough Council to feature the companies mentioned in the Charnwood inBusiness campaign.

Local firms which join this initiative receive a free advert on LeicestershireLive and in the Loughborough and Shepshed Echo, so they can let customers know that they are open and ready to receive customers.

Here are the latest list of companies to be recognised:

Syston Sizzler Pizza and Grill – Syston

Syston Sizzler Pizza and Grill specialises in a delicious range of fresh food, including gourmet burgers, BBQ grilled lamb, chicken skewers and of course mouth-water stone-baked pizza with toppings.

The eatery also serves garlic bread, fries, onion rings, salads, wraps, and a choice of mouth-watering desserts such as tiramisu cake and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream to accompany your order.

Ordering food in Syston is now more convenient and faster than before – customers can use the takeaway’s website and navigate the entire menu before their order is delivered swiftly straight to their door.

The takeaway also prepares orders ready for collection and is currently offering several special meal deals for customers. To order, visit the website here or call 01162 601501.

Dude & Dudette – Syston

Dude & Dudette is a new quality clothing store in Syston selling high-quality items at unbelievable prices.

Many of the pieces inside the outlet are ex-House of Fraser items or have previously been listed on websites such as ASOS and Apparel from popular designers such as Superdry and Hollister is also available.

A donation from every item sold will go to the Royal British Legion clubs located in Syston, Croft and Thurmaston. Local volunteers also help to keep the shop running.

The store is located in the Town Square of Syston. It has recently made its new autumn and winter collection available to customers. For more information, visit the Facebook Page or call 07455 516517.

Belgrave Coaches – Syston

If you’re arranging transport for a group in Leicestershire, Belgrave Coaches can help.

The business offers affordable travel in Melton, Loughborough Oakham and Uppingham Travel with its professional, uniformed drivers in comfortable, executive coaches.

Belgrave Coaches offer a range of regular and one-off services to both individuals and organisations. From school trips to coach tours, Hen-dos, weddings, to football matches, the company caters for all.

The coaches range from 16 seater minibuses to 85 seater double deckers.  So you can be assured there’s enough room for all of your travelling party to reach your destination in comfort and convenience.

For more information, and to receive a competitive quote, please e-mail, call 0116 478 5640, or visit the website.

Jumping Jacks – Syston

Jumping Jacks offer online fitness classes for all. From pilates to aerobics, circuit or personal training.

If you’ve been meaning to get in shape after lockdown or lose a few pounds, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Many people are still uncertain about venturing outside their home to use public gym facilities, but now there’s an ideal solution.

By signing up to Jumping Jack fitness classes, you receive the opportunity to engage in a guided fitness session within the comfort of your own home. You can exercise with your family or a group of friends online at times to suit or join existing classes.

One to one sessions are also available, e-mail or call 07713 625269 for more.

Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre Ltd – Anstey

Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre Ltd is a business with over 32 years of experience in the field of audiology, employing hearing experts with professional MSc and FDSc qualifications.

The audiologists offer hearing tests and a full range of the latest technology hearing aids, with free, no-obligation hearing aid trials.

Charnwood Hearing Aid Centre Ltd is completely HCPC registered and compliant. The business also offers services of wax removal and help with hearing loss through accidents or illness.

The hearing practice is based on 5 Station Road, Anstey, in Leicester with opening hours from Monday to Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. For more information please visit the website here or call 0116 236 6633.

Broughtons Lighting & Ironmongery – Anstey

Broughtons Lighting & Ironmongery is a traditional showroom featuring all the lighting units you could ever need for your home office, as well as stylish period home accessories.

The business is open six days a week from for customers to come in and see what’s on offer. The company is one to the UK’s largest displayers of ironmongery so there is plenty to see.

Period electrical switches and sockets are also available if you fancy something more unique – the company’s staff are always on hand to give you impartial advice and talk through your needs.

Contactless click and collect is also available. Car parking is available on site. For more information, e-mail or call 0116 234 1888. You can also visit the website here.

YS Marketing – Birstall

As an integrated strategic Digital Marketing consultancy, YS Marketing, based in Leicester, offers a full range of digital advertising strategies.

These include website design, social media management, a full branding service and SEO services. The company’s stringent planning process ensures your needs are met, and the right people are targeted, giving you a considerable edge over your competitors.

That’s why a search engine optimisation (SEO) marketing strategy is always worth considering to help you rank higher and receive more website visitors.

To find out more, simply send an e-mail to Please visit the company website here to view the digital advertising examples it has delivered for other clients in the past.

The White Horse – Birstall

Nestled on the brink of Watermead Country Park in the village of Birstall, you’ll find the quaint yet contemporary White Horse.

A quintessentially British public house, the pub aims to please regardless of the occasion; whether it’s a working lunch, a pit stop in the large beer garden, or a three-course dinner, you’ll receive the same attentive and obliging service.

The White Horse has put in meticulous measures aimed to make customers feel safe and comfortable whilst maintaining the enjoyment of coming to the pub.

Foodservice times run twice a day from Monday-Thursday, and through the majority of the day on Friday and Saturdays, there’s also availability on Sundays.

For more information call 07889 854284 or visit the website here.

The Cafe on the Corner – Birstall

The Cafe on the Corner is a cosy little shop, offering guests the chance to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a cup of warm coffee or tea in hand and a slice of homemade cake.

The Cafe also offers a variety of food and snacks for guests to enjoy with their hot beverage. Guests can choose from salad, wraps, paninis, toasties and a full English breakfast, freshly made to order.

If you fancy booking yourself and a family member or friend in for a treat, then afternoon tea is also available at the Cafe – and can be made in requirement to all of your dietary needs.

For more information, visit the Facebook page here or call 07790 001376.

Fields Fish and Chip Bar – Birstall

Fields is an independent fish and chip shop situated on the Hallam Fields Housing Estate in Birstall.

The business comprises of a husband and wife team with over 25 years experience in the trade – having owned several shops in and around the Leicester area and attained the Seafish Quality Award.

The eatery’s food is freshly cooked and the chips are suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, separately fried in 100% vegetable oil.

The chippy cooks fish to order at all times, its motto being “better for you to wait for the fish than the fish wait for you”.

Please feel free to visit the Fields Fish and Chip Bar website here for up to date information.

Birstall Pet Supplies  – Birstall

Birstall Pet Supplies is a small and friendly family run business in Leicester.

With competitivity in mind, the company puts its heart into everything it does and offers free delivery on all orders.

The Birstall Pet Supplies reputation speaks for itself, as the company’s Facebook page and reviews demonstrate the professional service it offers – and the respect the supplier receives from the local community.

Birstall Pet Supplies aims not to be beaten on price and aims to be your one-stop-shop for all of your pet needs – from toys, leashes, and pet beds to delicious and nutritional animal food.

For more information or a quote, call 0116 267 1681 or visit the website, and help support Birstall by shopping local.

Silly Prices – Birstall

Silly Prices is a discount shop in Birstall.

The business is an exclusive Alladin’s cave of goods at bargain prices, including toiletries, household goods, stationery, toys, tools and gardening supplies.

For customers looking to surprise a family member or loved one on their birthday or a special occasion, the shop also sells a range of sweets and confectionery. A huge range of greeting cards is on offer, as well as helium balloons, gift bags and decor.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the shop is a must-stop location for anyone looking to save. For a quick look, pop in and see for yourself. Silly Prices is located on 5 Hannah Parade, Stonehill Avenue in Birstall. 

Visit the website here or call 0116 267 5989.

Holiday Lounge – Birstall

The Holiday Lounge is an Independent Travel Agent now open and waiting to serve customers in the Birstall area and assist them with all of their travel needs.

As well as being agents for a wide range of tour operators and cruise companies, Holiday Lounge has the knowledge and ability to arrange individual tailor-made itineraries for all types of travel.

The company’s customers are able to benefit from the widest choice of holidays to a range of destinations, at very competitive prices.

All arrangements are ABTA and ATOL bonded, giving customers complete financial security and being independent enables Holiday Lounge to give totally impartial advice.

For more information or for a competitive quote, e-mail, visit the website, or call 0116 267 6006.

Dr Natasha Clinics  – Birstall

Dr Natasha Clinics offers Medical Advanced Aesthetics and is now open for all.

A range of services is available, from advanced facial fillers, health advice, blood tests and much more, delivered by a fully qualified GP.

For customers who are looking to enhance their features, aesthetical treatments of lip augmentation and non-surgical rhinoplasty are also available. Under-eye treatments and body sculpting services can be provided as well.

Dr Natasha Clinics provides a fully professional, safe and reliable service. The clinic has a number of packages available, depending on the body area and enhancement the client is after.

For more information or for a quote, visit the Dr Natasha Clinics website here or call 7827932218.


NRL 2020: Penrith Panthers, Stephen Crichton, younger star’s one of a kind road to the top

In the second of a series on the breakout stars of the NRL in 2020 top into the finals, Troy Whittaker facts the options Stephen Crichton faced in advance of deciding to chase a job in rugby league.


He could’ve preferred basketball or Australian Procedures, but Stephen Crichton’s alternative to pursue rugby league at the urging of his father has been emphatically vindicated.

From enjoying division-a few junior footy five years in the past to being a Dally M Rookie of the Year contender this time, the 19-calendar year-outdated Panthers centre was not often earmarked for the top.

The son of a pastor and just one of 6 children, Crichton was born in Apia, Samoa where his mothers and fathers, Va’a and Sina, labored in an onion factory.

The family moved to New Zealand when Crichton was two prior to relocating to Australia in lookup of further more prospect.

“My moms and dads weren’t rich as substantially as they are now when they have been in Samoa,” Crichton told

From teen to consider-scoring equipment: Stephen Crichton’s 2020 so far

“They didn’t have more than enough to increase four kids there. And then my small brother and sister came when we had been right here. Comprehensive credit score to my Mum and Dad. Just about every time I communicate to them about it, I get emotional.”

Crichton’s 24-12 months-old brother Christian, a winger for the Bulldogs, presented a lot more perception into their humble upbringing.

“We are grateful for everything we have. We did not have substantially growing up but we had sufficient we had our spouse and children, every other,” Christian stated.

Look at Stephen run close to on ladder-top Penrith’s lethal remaining edge and everything he does appears to be like smooth. Effortless.

So it is hard to fathom that a bloke who’s scored 14 attempts in 2020 did not demonstrate significantly all-natural potential as a youngster, according to Christian.

“But he was that child that was usually in the backyard kicking the vacant bottle about. He was normally outdoor,” he stated.

Crichton is among the the most recent in a fabled line of Patrician Brothers, Blacktown students to graduate into an NRL star. That seemed a long shot when he was in Year 9.

“I was playing at St Mary’s [junior league] – div 3. I could not make the ones or twos facet. There was heaps of gun players again then but they do not perform any longer,” Crichton reported.

“I produced the shift to St Clair. I met the mentor there, Jason, and he just asked me, ‘What position do you want to perform?’ I was telling him that I just preferred to participate in div 1 due to the fact I hadn’t performed before.”

Christian added: “He started off in the halves, that’s where he will get his ball abilities from. He experienced a mad advancement spurt and got chucked broader.”

Not only did that development spurt enable the now 6-foot-3 Crichton’s rugby league job – he was shortly brought into the Panthers system – it designed him an great top for basketball.

“I experienced just one mate who went to The united states and he was speaking to me about getting basketball critical, due to the fact he reckons that I can take that route as properly and go a considerably way with that,” Crichton explained.

“I was contemplating about it. I had a trial for schoolboys Australia basketball and a demo for Australian Schoolboys rugby league as perfectly.”

Ben Harden, Crichton’s 1st coach at Penrith, experienced no difficulties with the outside the house again juggling two sports activities.

“He would miss out on Jersey Flegg [under-20s] teaching on a Thursday afternoon mainly because he’d be taking part in MCS [Metropolitan Catholic Schools] basketball, which we backed,” Harden mentioned.

“I essentially stimulate our gamers to play a further activity, I imagine it can be fantastic for their ability-set and their brain. We had the school ringing likely, ‘Can Stephen still play basketball?’ in Yr 12.”

Harden had “no question” he could have been a basketball accomplishment.

Crichton also excelled at Australian Regulations, even trialling with the Increased Western Sydney Giants.

“Mum desired me to perform that,” he mentioned of AFL. “But Dad had the very first say and required me to participate in footy.”

So as an alternative of dunking or taking marks, Crichton’s height and leap are made use of when he plucks halfback Nathan Cleary’s bombs from the sky.


He began off in the halves, which is wherever he gets his ball abilities from. He had a mad growth spurt and acquired chucked broader.

Christian Crichton on brother Stephen&#13

“The greatest players we have at Penrith all have a definitely very good track record in several sports activities,” Panthers head of performance Hayden Knowles explained.

“Even men like Jarome Luai and Nathan Cleary, they performed soccer until the age of about 12.

“I’m significant believer in letting them play every thing … Stephen Crichton is possibly the poster boy for that.”

And his basketball capabilities have not waned.

“In the COVID crack, I questioned him to write-up us a tiny online video of him slam-dunking simply because I preferred every person to do some basketball for their athletic progress,” Knowles explained.

“He posted this movie to the boys on the WhatsApp page – it was freakish. You know those people slam-dunk contests the place they bounce the ball and they’re in the air and arrive at out with it in 1 hand?

“I was like, ‘Holy s–t’.”

Music is another of Crichton’s abilities.

“I play guitar, drums and sing a bit. It can be all from church,” he claimed.

Capewell makes bold get in touch with as Panthers chase undefeated operate to Premiership

“As the pastor’s young children, they would drop us in initially and we would be in the band. Which is probably in which I obtained the musician in me from.”

Crichton credited elite player growth supervisor Harden – who shocked the speedster by picking him in the less than-18s SG Ball side a year younger – with imparting substantially of his league grounding.

The teen’s function ethic caught Harden’s attention.

“And the amount of money he savored his schooling, primarily for a participant that was new to a system,” Harden said.

“In six weeks [of SG Ball he] had enhanced and absent previous approximately all gamers in the level of competition that experienced been close to for many yrs.”

There was a “lightbulb” time period where Harden realised Crichton experienced the mettle for very first quality.

Immediately after winning the 2018 SG Ball title, Crichton and prop Spencer Leniu played in the Jersey Flegg beneath-20s team as nicely as turning out for Patrician Brothers in the NRL Schoolboy Cup.

“They finished up backing up to engage in in a National Schoolboys final the very same 7 days as the Jersey Flegg ultimate,” Harden claimed.

“Properly, for 18-calendar year-olds, they had been participating in in two competitions in semi-finals and grand finals in the identical weeks.

Spencer Leniu, Stephen Crichton and Matt Burton after their NRL debut in round 21, 2019 against the Sharks.
Spencer Leniu, Stephen Crichton and Matt Burton right after their NRL debut in spherical 21, 2019 in opposition to the Sharks.&#13
©Grant Trouville/NRL Photos&#13

“I was driving them from university training to choose them to do restoration on their personal at an off-site place.

“Their professionalism and will to earn at that age, and the affect they were being acquiring on both of those online games, was astonishing.”

Crichton lost both of those grand finals but Harden said he was “one particular of the greater gamers on the area” irrespective of the benefits.

An NRL debut came in round 21 very last year – a gain from Cronulla – and Crichton has now cemented his location in Ivan Cleary’s crew.

Knowles is usually nervous when younger gamers have a rapid entrance to the NRL  – “if something arrives so straightforward are they heading to just take the schooling aspect seriously?” – but Crichton has eased his concerns.

“His physical fitness take a look at success are very outstanding. It was actually satisfying to see he’s received a huge motor,” Knowles reported.

“At the commence of the year, Ivan would toss him into the staff as a fullback, so he’s obtained an engine to participate in fullback.

“To have a in good shape centre is pretty handy. Normally centres, if any place in the sport, battle with health and fitness. There are some teams in the comp in which their centres could possibly not be as suit as the coach would like.”

Knowles said the likes of Dean Whare, James Fisher-Harris, Nathan Cleary and Zane Tetevano have set the typical for Crichton.

Achievement hasn’t changed his down-to-earth individuality. Brother Christian described him as a “joker” and a “pest”.

“He won’t just take everything serious, everything’s a chortle. At home you can not sit all-around him for the reason that he always farts,” Christian laughed.

“I swear, I’m not even joking. He normally farts for like no reason.”

Harden also painted a image of a jovial character.

“He’s tremendous favourable, he is bought a wonderful point of view on everyday living, even though he wants to acquire in almost everything he does. He is acquired a really powerful religion and he is pretty strongly linked with his spouse and children and mates,” he claimed.

“To be reasonable, the Stephen that rolls out now on the initial-quality field laughing and joking is the exact Stephen that rolled into our SG Ball method four yrs in the past, possessing entertaining and coaching tricky.”


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Oculus Quest 2 Potential RenderProvide: @h0x0d on Twitter

While Fb has not formally acknowledged sequel to the Oculus Quest is arriving swiftly, there are adequate leaks and bits of knowledge to soundly guess that just one is on the way in which. A selection of leaks of renders and pictures give us a glimpse of the probable layout of the Oculus Quest 2. Fb might additionally announce the subsequent Oculus Quest at Fb Be a part of, which is the model new branding for what was as quickly as Oculus Sign up for.

As there is not any formal affirmation for particulars on the Oculus Quest 2 at this stage, we have done our greatest to piece collectively info from leaks and the information that we have now. Word that each individual 1 photos on this posting of the Oculus Quest 2 are leaks of some variety and won’t replicate the precise appear and particulars of the process.

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What is heading to the Oculus Quest 2 cost and when will it launch?

Particulars on pricing and a start date are scarce suitable now, as you’d anticipate from a software that has not formally been introduced. That staying stated, we anticipate to listen to extra regarding the Oculus Quest 2 at Fb Sign up for on September 16, 2020. Fb Be part of is the brand name new branding that Fb is using for what was as soon as referred to as Oculus Sign up for.

When Oculus released the exclusive Oculus Quest in September 2018, the gadget then launched in Spring of 2019. There is not any guarantee abide by-up headset will observe an analogous timeframe, having said that there is some precedent for Oculus getting released in September and hardly ever popping out for a number of months.

When it arrives to pricing, it is laborious to nail down the exact value of the Oculus Quest 2. It is feasible that Fb will not want to value individuals out of most current . The distinctive Oculus Quest starts at just down below $400. We’ll have to attend and see if Fb has similar pricing for its subsequent Oculus Quest.

Will the Oculus Quest 2 be delayed?

Some reviews point out that the Oculus Quest 2 may well very well be delayed, due partly to present shortages and different factors involved to the present global pandemic. These assessments, nevertheless, emerged in May well of 2020, so they may possibly not replicate the present standing of the Oculus Quest 2.

When’s the subsequent Oculus event?

Fb Sign up for is on September 16, 2020. We anticipate main info about Oculus at this situation. Fb rebranded this yearly occasion that was formally referred to as Oculus Join. Primary bulletins have occurred at Oculus Be a part of, so it is truthful to picture that main bulletins will come about at Fb Be part of.

What’s likely to the Oculus Quest 2 style show up to be?

The leaked renders and shots we have found of what is possible the Oculus Quest 2 give us a great recommendation of what it appears like. All the pictures we have found present a white headset with an analogous style and design to the exclusive Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest 2 appears to be to have some sort of a bodily lens adjustment system, but it certainly appears to be totally unique from that of the exceptional Oculus Quest. There is an prospect that it has a couple of preset alternatives to modify between fairly than a bodily slider.

The Oculus Quest 2 has a USB-C port inside of the photographs we have found, which is wise as the exceptional Oculus Quest currently choices USB-C for charging and connecting to a Personal computer for Oculus Hyperlink.

What are the video video games coming to Oculus Quest 2?

We have no particulars relating to which online video video games will operate on the Oculus Quest 2 presently. That currently being mentioned, it is protected to consider that any Oculus Quest will be able of operate indigenous video video games downloaded by means of the Oculus retailer in addition to PCVR video clip game titles by suggests of Oculus Hyperlink.

Is Oculus Quest 2 backward suitable?

After more, we haven’t any particulars relating to video games on the Oculus Quest. It does appear achievable that the Oculus Quest 2 can be backward suitable. Oculus is obviously investing inside the Quest system and form situation and has put in rather a minor little bit of hard work enhance the sport library of the Oculus Quest.

The Oculus Quest assists a variety of Oculus Go online video video games, and people today two headsets are fairly absolutely different. It will be a major disappointment if the Oculus Quest 2 had Call Controllers and an analogous layout to the one of a kind Oculus Quest having said that could not participate in all Quest online video game titles.

What controllers does the Oculus Quest 2 use?

The Oculus Quest 2 looks to make use of Contact Controllers, really related to the exceptional Oculus Quest. The renders and leaks that we have noticed showcase two white Get hold of Controllers with equivalent patterns to the unique Oculus Quest. We will not say at this stage if the controllers have any new selections or design enhancements.

An thrilling time for VR

The Oculus Quest has moved VR in advance all over its run. The special Oculus Quest introduced standalone VR to new ranges and furthermore improved noticeably about time simply because of new selections and software program application updates.

An Oculus Quest 2 will ideally build off of this momentum and convey much extra to electronic actuality as a system. The best 50 % is that we do not have to attend prolonged to search out out all about it.

We may gain a fee for purchases using our hyperlinks. Understand much more.


Epic Games says Fortnite usage on iOS is down 60% since ban in latest court filing

You may wish to hurry to catch the Dell Labor Day sale – there are some improbable costs on a spread of XPS, Inspiron and G5 gaming laptops proper now however they’re going to all be passed by tonight. You will not be disillusioned, belief us – not solely does the Dell Labor Day sale function among the lowest costs we have ever seen on a few of our favourite ultrabooks, but in addition some mighty effective decisions for these on a finances and players too. If that sounds good to you, you are in the best place – just under you may discover our spotlight picks, together with the most recent Dell XPS offers accessible for right this moment solely.

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Talking of Dell XPS offers – costs begin at just $699 right now for a 2019 Dell XPS 13 Contact. That is solely $20 dearer than the most affordable Dell XPS we have ever seen and an amazing provide on an entry-level mannequin which does not usually see such a hefty ($150) low cost.


Colville male arrested right after deputies find $100,000 in stolen cars, equipment

Stevens County sheriff’s deputies arrested a person on many felony prices last 7 days right after hunting a remote residence and finding stolen things value an believed $100,000, which include two tractors, 3 all-terrain automobiles, a boat, a bike, a tandem-axle trailer and an industrial wooden chipper.

Deputies also discovered 150 marijuana crops, 3 bins made up of 15 pounds of processed cannabis and proof of methamphetamine use although seeking the property at 1994 Clugston Onion Creek Highway, northeast of Kettle Falls, in accordance to court docket documents and the Stevens County Sheriff’s Business.

Jacob B. Ralph, 40, of Colville, was booked into the county jail just after deputies searched the house on the early morning of Aug. 26.

In accordance to court data, detectives discovered Ralph as the person who stole a Subaru from a house in close proximity to Chewelah, and then drove it to try a theft in close proximity to Hunters in early July. Detectives afterwards noticed the Subaru at the home on Clugston Onion Creek Street, which was Ralph’s very last recognised handle. A choose signed a warrant to look for the house on Aug. 20.

Court docket data say some of the cars on the assets have been verified stolen out of Stevens County, and the trailer had been stolen from Wallace. Deputies also observed 14 guns on the home, including a single with the serial variety floor off.

Identification figures on the boat and the wooden chipper had been eliminated, also, and just one of the tractors had been spray-painted different hues. Detectives identified the tractor’s owner by examining the engine’s serial number with a community assistance shop exactly where it had been fixed.

Ralph faces prices of possessing stolen assets and stolen motor vehicles, as effectively as manufacturing with intent to distribute marijuana.

The sheriff’s workplace stated Thursday it was however working to determine the house owners of some of the stolen items. The sheriff’s business office mentioned any one with data about the case ought to simply call (509) 684-5296 with case No. 2009927.