June 15, 2021


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Agricultural know-how enterprise assists South African farmers save water

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SupPlant, the leading precision agriculture hardware-program alternative, uses agronomic algorithms, sensors, synthetic intelligence and cloud-based know-how in buy to guide South African farmers on 2 plans: escalating crop generate and lowering drinking water use.

Just lately, we have been equipped to decrease water usage by 37% in apple crops, amplified lemon yield by 60% and Macadamia nuts have been increased by 21% (all quantities from South African farmers). 

SupPlant’s sensors keep track of the plant strain, crop advancement designs, actual-time and forecasted climatic details.  All these are uploaded to an algorithm in the cloud each and every 30 moment which develop exact irrigation decisions identified autonomously. 

A person of the primary difficulties to farmers in South Africa is the weather obstacle. By transforming the standard strategy of irrigation methods using all of SupPlant’s info, this exceptional technological innovation is saving water, lowering prices, bettering efficiency, plant resilience and yield.

Frost and Sullivan have described SupPlant as “…The 1st technology that manages irrigation autonomously on scientific increasing info with out any actions desired by the farmer. By making use of its GBI and irrigating according to a plant’s individual requires, farmers can realize an increase in yields while cutting down drinking water intake substantially.”

SupPlant, an Israeli technological innovation, has partnered with Nulandis in South Africa in buy to provide the agricultural sector with pride. In addition to South Africa, SupPlant is active in 14 countries and has skills in 31 crops.


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